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Name: Drs. Jet Weigand-Timmer
Living in: Ermelo, the Netherlands
Born on: 05-30-1959
Place of birth: Den Haag
Religion: Christian
Family: married to Gerhard Weigand; 3 children


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*  Gymnasium at  Christelijke Scholengemeenschap "De Populier"  in The Hague

*  Pedagogic with master degree in educational science at the Free University in Amsterdam. Minors: labour- en organisational psychology, philosophical anthropology.

*  Theology at ETF Leuven (2016 -)

Work experience

*  Follow-up at the city-council of Ermelo on behalf of the ChristenUnie Ermelo

*  Preacher at care-homes in Ermelo

*  Guest-preacher in the Netherlands, France and Belgium

*  Proprietor/director of EduConcept (2008 -), international advice on (educational) policy, school identity and parental participation;

*  Guest lecturer in Dutch Politics (2011 -)

*  Vice president of the Dutch Christian Artists Union CNV Kunstenbond and manager to the Continental Arts Centre (2007)

*  Director of the Centre for Reformational Philosophy (2000 – Dec. 2006)

*  Vice-mayor of the city of Culemborg (1998 – July 1999)

*   Freelance instructor for educational courses (1988 -)

Executive positions a.o.:

*  Project Manager GIDSnetwork International (2013 -)

*  President of the board of GIDSnetwerk (2010 - 2013); Member of the board of GIDSnetwerk (2006 - 2010), member of the organising committee of GIDSgala (2009 - )

*  President of the Church council Ermelo (2009 - 2013)

*  Member of the board of members of the Dutch Christian Broadcasting Association NCRV (2009 - 2019)

*  Member of the supervision board of the Foundation Christelijk Sociaal Congres (2007 - 2012); Member of the board and co-founder of the Foundation Christelijk Sociaal Congres (1997-2007)

*  Member of the board of the Abraham Kuyper Foundation (1999-)

*  President of the Parents Association Ouders & COO (1997-); member of the board of presidents of the European Parents association, Advisor to Ouders van Waarde (2015-)

*  Secretary of the Governmental Association of the Free University in Amsterdam and Windesheim university (1997-2007)

*  Member of the board of the Evangelische Forschungs Akademie (2000-2006)

*  Advisor to the Dutch Russian International Centre

*  Advisor to the European Academy of Culture and Arts

*  Educational advisor of the master course “East-West studies” at the sociological faculty of the State University of St. Petersburg

*  Several political board memberships


*  Dutch (native)

*  English

*  German

*  Some French


*  Music: singing (soprano), piano, flutes en guitar, playing in musicals, cantor at ‘s Heerenloo

*  Sports: hiking, speed skating

*  Radio listening and making

*  Reading, cooking


Book De School van de Burger (November 2014)

Article Lokaal Onderwijsbeleid in DenkWijzer (2013)

Article vertrek van Elsbeth Gruteke bij Radio1 in Friesch Dagblad and Het Goede Leven (2013)

*  Innoveren door levenslang leren (EH, Ijmuiden 2013)

*  The Importance Of Having Parents (ECPM, Helsinki 2013)

*  Article Kleine Scholen in Nederlands Dagblad, with Wouter Beekers (2013)

*  Onderwijsmanifest van de ChristenUnie

*  Onderwijsactieplan van de ChristenUnie

*  (Christian)Education and Parents (with some Kuyperian remarks) (WYSOCS, Leeds 2012)

*  Preschool Education in the view of Parents – the Dutch Experience (Vienna and Malta, 2009)

*  Parents as partners – for the benefit of society (Amsterdam, 2009)

*  Co writer and editor of the Dutch edition of the book “Hope in Troubled Times” (Wegen van hoop in tijden van crisis) by Bob Goudzwaard e.a., with a foreword by Desmond Tutu (2009)

*  Editor  books series “Verantwoording” (2006- )

*  Worldview illustrated (Christian Artists, 2007)

*  Het leven leren (conference of the Thijmstichting in 2006, published in book “Voorbeeldig onderwijs” in 2007)

*  Governing a university. Is there a Christian way? (IAPCHE conference, Nicaragua 2006)

*  Report on the Netherlands (IAPCHE educational consultation, Grand Rapids VS 2006)

*  Who is afraid of a European (French parents conference on European education, Brussels 2005)

*  The School belongs to the Community (regional conference of IAPCHE, Moscow 2005)

*  Learning for Life (Christian Artists, 2005)

*  Schulstrukturen und Bildungsidealen in den Niederlanden (Pfingsttagung der Evangelische Forschungs Akademie, Drübeck BRD 2005)

*  Leren voor het leven (Lecture Cultural Philosophy, Open Universiteit, 2005)

*  The School belongs to the Community (National Conference of the Italian Parents Association on the European Day of Parents, Rome 2004)

*  Vuur en structuur, about Christian politics (conference Hoop21, 2004)

*  The School belongs to the Community (lecture at the Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg, 2003)

*  De school aan de ouders (study conference of the Vereniging voor Reformatorische Wijsbegeerte, 2003)

*  Editor and co writer of van 2 books about religious education ("De  bijbel tot leven", Navigatorboeken, isbn:9029710713. "Gebed aan huis", Navigatorboeken, ISBN:9029710721)

*  Editor and writer for the magazine "Schoolschrift" (1989 - 1992) of the Unie School en Evangelie

*  Als het leerhuis school maakt (doctorale thesis at the Vrije Universiteit, 1988)

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